Lovely Lilies

This year on the Feast of the Ascension and Mother\’s Day we feel like Easter is just beginning. There are bundles of lilies all over the place – indoors and outside!!

If you like the traditional white Easter lilies we have a simple way to increase your bounty. Lilies are perennials, meaning they grow every year. Each year when the lilies from the Chapel after Easter have died, several Sisters vie to get the \”dead\” ones. We just plant them outside in our gardens, or you can plant them in flower pots, as our sacristan did last year. Then, the next year at the appointed time, up come your new lilies. Unfortunately, they do not bloom in time for Easter, at least in East Texas, but they usually appear in time for Pentecost (late May or early June).

This year our Chapel has a large renewal of Easter lilies! There are many in the gardens and others have been cut for various shrines around the property. Any gardener knows that there are \”good years\” and \”not so good\” years. Last year was a \”not so good\” year, but that makes this year double the beauty with bumper crops of lilies. We enjoy their beauty and fragrant aroma.

Praise the Lord! He is Risen!

2 thoughts on “Lovely Lilies”

  1. I have a friend in southern Virginia who does the same with her Christmas amaryllis with great success. (By the way, something to keep in mind is that all parts of the lily plant are extremely poisonous to cats–even as little as a lick of pollen can cause their kidneys to fail, so if you have any cats, please keep that in mind.)


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