Preparing for a Jubilee

We are currently, clearing rooms and moving furniture in preparation for a big Jubilee celebration later today. It is for Sister Mary Veronica who is our first local vocation that has remained throughout the years. This is only the second 70th Anniversary of Religious Profession that we have had in our monastery.

Chairs from the parlors and guest dining room have been moved to our long hall inside the enclosure to make room for food and sitting areas for our friends to have lunch after the ceremony, as well as seating for an overflow crowd for the Liturgy in the Chapel. We tease Sister Mary Veronica that she is related to half of East Texas!

Beginning at 10:00 am, we will have the Eucharistic Liturgy with the principal celebrant, Bishop Eduardo Nevares, Auxiliary Bishop of Phoenix, Arizona; and the homilist, Fr. Brian Pierce, OP, currently of Irving, Texas. After Mass, we will all visit in our \”Gate Parlor\” then break for a lunch provided by the family.

Check in with us tomorrow for pictures of the grace-filled event.

You are most welcome to join us for this special time
of praising God for His love and fidelity!

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