May Crowning 2018

Every year on the Feast of the Visitation of Mary to Elizabeth (May 31), we conclude the day, the month of May, and our special May Devotions with the Crowning of Our Lady. Usually this is the privilege of the younger Sisters

This year, Sister Mary Therese (temporary professed) made the crown and crowned Our Lady; while Sister Bernadette Marie (solemnly professed) was the crown-bearer during our procession and Litany.

First, we line up outside the community room in the hallway. When the prioress sees that all is ready and everyone is there, she gives a \”knock\” and we begin processing to our outdoors shrine.

The shrine has been very beautiful this year with many kinds of flowers. We usually have not finished singing the Litany and do that at the shrine. Then the prioress prays a special consecration she has composed for the occasion dedicating the Community to Our Lady. Afterwards we sing a Marian Hymn while the youngest Sister crowns the statue of Mary with the homemade crown.

The crown this year is made from a white jasmine bush from the Novitiate. It has a wonderful aroma, but unfortunately will not last long in our Texas heat, which has been in the 90s.

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