Something new…

Recently, it\’s come to our attention that although we\’ve made numerous changes to our website over the years (and wait, more are coming!) we really haven\’t done anything much with this blog. So, this being January, the beginning of a new year and a new decade, we decided to try something new.

Cloistered nuns don\’t always appreciate new things, tending to stick with the good old adage, \”If it isn\’t broken, don\’t fix it.\” On the other hand, there are times when you need to step out of your old comfort zone and try something different, take a little risk. We like this new look, and hope you will, too.

If you are baffled because you can\’t find the old sidebars, never fear. They are still there! Just click on the gray triple horizontal bars in the upper left hand corner and those sidebars will slide right out.

Keep checking back here for more updates! We will post more news, spiritual musings, and let you know how the new website is progressing.

Special thanks to all who have encouraged us to keep moving forward on this project, especially our friends, family, and our Dominican brothers! We keep all of you in our prayers. 

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