Tet 2020 — The Year of the Rat

Every year we enjoy celebrating Tet, the Vietnamese variation on the Lunar New Year. It\’s an occasion for our community to be together in a fun way, celebrating the cultural backgrounds of two of our sisters and giving thanks for a New Year all over again. And, it does involve Vietnamese food, which makes it all the better! 

According to tradition, we play several games created by Sr. Mary Christine. Sometimes they are incredibly easy…and sometimes not. This was a year for \”not easy\”.

Sr. Mary Thomas trying in vain to get her rat (ping-pong ball) into its hole

Sr. Mary Veronica feels more confident

We have three sisters who were born in the Year of the Rat: Sr. Miriam, Sr. Mary Jeremiah, and Sr. Mary Giuse.

From L to R: Sr. Mary Giuse, Sr. Miriam, Sr. Mary Jeremiah
We wish all of you a Blessed New Year and pray it will be happy, healthy, and holy!

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