When Life Gives You Bananas…

Occasionally a local grocery supplier donates lots and lots of cases of bananas to us. They come at the peak of ripeness–not too green and not too mushy–and for some time the main hall in our building is filled with the aroma of the delicious fruit, making us hungry as we go along. It even permeates into the chapel! We eat some as they are, and we give some away. We also make the obvious things: banana bread and banana pudding. But the majority of our bananas are dried. 
We\’ve written about this before in September 2011, but we\’re still doing it!
The bananas drying on our big stove 
One of the boxes the bananas came in

For some sisters, dried bananas are a real treat, and they have to keep themselves from eating too many! However, dried bananas only appear on the table at breakfast, so some restraint can be exercised. 
We are so grateful to all the people who have been (and continue to be) so generous to us during this time of pandemic! In addition to bananas, people have been keeping us supplied with eggs, potatoes, and (yes) toilet paper. Thank you so much! May God reward you for all your kindness to us! 
All of you who read this: please remember we pray for you in a special way. We\’ve been doing this a while, and we appreciate your feedback, your prayers for us, and your willingness to read this blog! God bless you!

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