Ten Years, 741 Posts, and Still Going!

Can you believe it? Honestly, we can\’t! It seems like yesterday we were still agonizing over what to put on this blog, imagining hundreds of readers…well, we\’re not sure if that has happened, but we do feel much more confident and able to express our Dominican charism and our own community charism. We\’ve changed the format, the fonts, the colors; we\’ve published ordinary monastery news and reflections on the Sunday scriptures, among many other things. 
St. John Henry Cardinal Newman is famous for saying, \”To grow is to change, and to be perfect is to have changed often.\” We\’re far from perfect, but we strive to keep growing and changing in a positive way. And we are so grateful for you, our readers. We hope you find some benefit in what we say and become more inspired to live the Christian life to the full. 
Happy Anniversary!

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