The Color Green

We had an exceptionally cool and wet spring this year, and as a reward for putting up with all the rain, we now have green everywhere!

Into the woods
St. Hildegard of Bingen (recently named a Doctor of the Church) often used the word viriditas–a Latin word she coined herself which literally means \”the color green\” but in her writings is used to describe both natural beauty and natural and spiritual life quickened by the Holy Spirit. We are currently singing a hymn at one of the \”Little Hours\” of the Divine Office with this text, which sums everything up:
We see you in the flowers, the trees, 
The freshness of the fragrant breeze, 
The songs of birds upon the wing, 
The joy of summer and of spring. 

Shrine of Mary and bench in the infirmary garden

The infirmary garden

The orange tree 

The tall pines illumined by the sun

A rainbow arches over the monastery after a surprise thunderstorm

The Piney Woods and the cloister wall

The wisteria and the woods

Inside the \”cloister\”. Check out this green grass!

The magnolia tree

We wish you could get the full effect–there really are \”birds on the wing\” singing and a \”fragrant breeze\”. However, our temperatures are returning to normal for this time of year: hot and humid! 

As a last thought, in addition to St. Hildegard we were inspired by the song \”The Color Green\” by Rich Mullins. You can see the video here. There are lyrics added, too, so you get the full flavor of this lovely song. 

God created this world, and He found it very good. Let us always remember Him and feel His presence when we see the viriditas around us.

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