Snow, Y’all!



While we do occasionally get snow in Texas, it\’s rare in Lufkin–and this was (for us) quite a snow! We got a couple of inches in most parts–enough to completely cover the grass and even enough to make a snowman (or snow nun). We realize those of you in northern climes are probably smiling at this, but most of us come from warmer regions of the world and we were delighted! Also we didn\’t have to drive in it–native Texans tend to be very bad at driving in snow. We actually got even more snow after these pictures were taken!












Our sister from Africa especially enjoyed the snow!









The snow fell Sunday afternoon and evening, and here on Tuesday it is still covering a lot of ground, thanks to some freezing weather. Another amazing event! However, the sun has been shining and gradually melting everything, so by tomorrow our extraordinary snow will be most likely be a fond memory. This is probably our last chance for snow this year–but who knows? One year it snowed on Easter–and Easter was at the beginning of April! Let it snow!


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