Guide our feet into the way of peace


In the verses from Luke\’s gospel known as \”The Canticle of Zechariah\” or the \”Benedictus\”, Zechariah tells his young son, the future John the Baptist, that he will be a prophet of the Most High. He will prepare the way, so that when He comes, He will \”give light to those who live in darkness and the shadow of death, and…guide our feet into the way of peace.\” 

As we embark on this year of grace 2021, it is a perfect time to ask Jesus, the Prince of Peace, to guide our own feet in the way of peace. All of us are surrounded by conflict, division, distress, anger, and even hatred. People are fearful, and this fear makes them act in ways unthinkable under \”normal\” circumstances. The immensity of this situation is daunting. 

One might recall here the prayer attributed to St. Francis of Assisi, asking that God will \”make me a channel of Your peace\”. We are not asked to solve all the world\’s problems single-handedly. We are asked to be peacemakers in the world we inhabit–that small sphere of family, work, church, and friends, or whatever your particular sphere happens to be. Every act of peace, every choice to love instead of hating, every gesture of reconciliation instead of revenge–these have an effect that reaches into eternity. It may be as small as giving someone a smile, or a friendly wave (since they can\’t see your smile while you\’re wearing your mask!). Or saying a kind word. Or not speaking when you really want to say something. 

In 2021, let us make a resolution to ask God where He is asking us to bring peace. And then let us do it. May God give us all the peace we so need and desire!

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