Blessed be God!

We received a much-needed rain, which put an end to the fire danger in our area (for now). Praise God! We are so thankful! The rain came close to the solemnity of the Nativity of St. John the Baptist, which is kind of appropriate since in many countries this feast is celebrated by throwing water on people (to remind them of their baptism). 
You can check out our 2010 post on this great solemnity here
Meanwhile, this weekend we\’ll be celebrating Sr. Mary John\’s feast day. Her real feast day falls on December 27 (St. John the Evangelist) but that\’s right in the middle of Christmas celebrations so we generally pick another day to do it when she is prioress. So keep checking back (or consider following to make checking easier) because we hope to have pictures of this happy day sometime next week!

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