Visiting Friars: Fr. Bernard Mulcahy, OP and Fr. John Rooney

We were surprised and delighted to receive a visit on Tuesday from Fr. Bernard Mulcahy, OP, a friar from the province of St. Joseph (eastern province) who is teaching at St. Mary\’s Seminary in Houston. He came with a friend and colleague from St. Mary\’s, Fr. John Rooney, a diocesan priest who is an associate with the Dominican Sisters in Houston. 

Fr. Bernard and Fr. John

We had a fascinating, rather free-wheeling discussion with them about all manner of things in the parlor after lunch that lasted until time for Rosary (you can see the time on the clock in the picture!). Dominicans do love a good discussion! We are always happy to welcome visiting friars (and others!) who come to our door so if you\’re in the area, please give us a call and drop by!

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