Spiritual Vessel

Three times in the Litany of Loreto Mary is referred to as a \”vessel\”. This may seem like a strange way of describing Our Lady, but in fact it is part of the essence of who she is. All women have the physical capacity, at least, to bear children because they were created by God to do so. They have a womb which may become a safe place for a child to grow and become able at last to be born and live outside the mother. All women, daughters of Eve, have \”inherited\” a tendency toward original sin. Mary is different.  Because Mary was preserved from all stain of sin by the foreseen merits of Christ, she is the perfect woman to bear God\’s only Son. Our Lady carried Jesus in her womb for nine months, becoming truly both a physical and a spiritual home, or vessel, for her Divine Son. 
Mary, Spiritual Vessel, help all women who are considering abortion, or who now regret having had an abortion. Be with them and comfort them, providing the motherly care and love only you can give. Remind all women that we are created in this unique way to give glory to God, whether we bear physical children, or become spiritual mothers to children. 

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