Patronage of the Blessed Virgin Mary over the Order of Preachers

Today in the Dominican Order we celebrate the memorial of the Patronage of the Blessed Virgin over the Order of Preachers. As you can see, the traditional image for this patronage shows the Blessed Virgin Mary spreading her cloak protectively over the Dominican saints gathered below (which in this picture happen to be St. Dominic, St. Thomas Aquinas, St. Rose of Lima, St. Martin de Porres, St. Pope Pius V, and, well, one young religious we\’re not sure about). This is a popular image among religious orders–we all want to feel that Mary is taking care of us in a special way. And it\’s especially appropriate during this year of pandemic, for one of the attributes of Mary\’s protection is the safeguard against plague. May Our Lady spare us all from the COVID-19 virus and keep us safe under her motherly patronage!

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